Airport Infrastructure Surveying Projects

2013 Construction works setout – Gladstone Airport Gibson Building Pty Ltd
2013 Virgin Rotunda Brisbane Airport Vac Group Pty Ltd
2012 BAC Security Screening GHD Pty Ltd
2012 Weipa Airport Surveys RTA Weipa Pty Ltd
2011 Hertz Brisbane Airport Construction Golder Associates Pty Ltd
2011 Redcliffe Aerodrome Levee Bank Surveys Auzcon Pty Ltd
2010 Sunshine Coast Airport Runway Lighting Surveys Thorn Airfield Lighting Pty Ltd
2010 Virgin Domestic Airport Internal Structural Scans Virgin Blue Airlines Pty Ltd
2010 Small Planes Terminal – Gladstone Airport Gibson Building
2010 Pit Monitoring at Brisbane Airport Hannas Civil Engineering Pty Ltd
2010 Lidar Mapping Control at Weipa Airport Vekta Pty Ltd
2009 Shell Brisbane Airport Shell Company of Australia Ltd
2009 Gladstone Airport Redevelopment Construction Civdec Constructions Pty Ltd
2009 Gladstone Airport Reconstruction Mapping McConnell Dowell
2009 Gladstone Airport Reconstruction Fulton Hogan Pty Ltd
2009 Gladstone Airport Upgrade Survey Works Neumann Contractors
2009 Various Surveys-RAAF Base Amberley Kellie Taylor
2009 Airport Security Fencing Gryffin Pty Ltd
2008 Qantas Day care Centre – Brisbane FK Gardner & Sons Pty Ltd
2006 Shell Fuel Line Survey works at Brisbane Airport Shell Australia
2006 Airfield Lighting As Constructed Surveys – Amberley RAAF Base Heyday Group
2006 Runway, Tarmac Mapping at RAAF Oakey Airfield GHD Pty Ltd
2006 Brisbane Airport Corporation contract surveying Qld Recycling Ptd Ltd
2006 Setout Navigation Aids – Amberley RAAF Base Nathan Construction Services
2006 Monitor Navigation Aids – Amberley RAAF Base Spotless Constructions
2006 Coen Airport Navigation Upgrades Surveys Air Services Australia
2005 Archerfield Airport building works William H Weir
2005 Mapping for Brisbane Airport Duplication Maunsell Australia Pty Ltd
2005 Aite Surveys at Brisbane Airport Brisbane Airport Corporation
2005 Settlement Plate Virgin Blue Carpark Brisbane Airport Quad Consulting Pty Ltd
2005 Virgin Blue Carpark Earthworks at Brisbane Airport W & H Earthmoving & Haulage
2005 Project Data Conversions – BAC Brisbane Airport Corporation
2005 BAC Inline Hanger Survey Works Baggage Sortation Management
2005 Design & Construct BAC Headquarters Rubicon Design $ Construction
2005 Construction work at Brisbane Airport SEDL Earthmoving Pty Ltd
2005 BAC Headquarters Environmental & Earth Sciences
2004 Archerfield Airport site and boundary works BAE Management Services
2004 AFFF Containment Projects – Amberley RAAF Base Larkin Consulting Pty Ltd
2004 Title survey work at Archerfield Airport Archerfield Airport Corporation
2004 GPS Survey control at Brisbane Airport Brisbane Airport Corporation
2004 Infrastructure Upgrade – Amberley RAAF Base – Stage 2 GHD Pty Ltd
2004 Lockhart River Aerodrome Surveys Lockhart River Aerodrome
2003 Engineering Setout at Brisbane Domestic terminal Shade Structures Birdair Pty Ltd
2003 Lease – Weipa Airport Rob Roy Earthmoving
2002 Brisbane Airport runway scanning ARUP Pty Ltd
2002 Mapping vegetation areas on Brisbane Airport expansion QUT
2002 Amberley Engine Test Facility Precise setout URS Australia Pty Ltd
2000 Jetcare Project at Brisbane Airport Leighton Contractors Pty Ltd
1999 Amberley RAAF Site & Mapping Surveys GHD Pty Ltd
1999 Amberley RAAF Redevelopment Construction GHD Pty Ltd