Bruce Highway Upgrade – Cooroy to Curra

NorthGroup Consulting were engaged by Queensland Transport and Main Roads (TMR) to perform accurate pre-design detail surveys on several packages within Sections C and D of the Bruce Highway Upgrade Project that is located between Cooroy and Curra in South-East Queensland.

With short times frames required for completion of each package, several two man crews were required to work in unison to collect the extensive detail that was required under TMR’s strict data collection, coding and OH&S methodology. Packages totalled approximately 8km of the proposed design corridor and work included establishing the primary control, coordination of traffic control, location of underground and overhead services and numerous dwellings while traversing extreme, rugged and dense vegetation that included several major creek crossings. All packages were delivered on time and passed TMR’s intensive quality assurance checks every time.

A separate engagement from TMR required NorthGroup Consulting to establish the new road boundary corridor for several kilometres along Section B by performing extensive cadastral resumption surveys and survey control.