Hydrographic Surveying Projects

A Sample of Our Hydrographic Surveying Projects:

Mary River Flood Study
A continuous 50km long-section and 100m interval cross-sections capturing the Mary River’s channel.  Data collected was combined into the State Government Flood Study of the entire Mary River system.  Two separate vessels were used for this survey due to the different conditions encountered between the upper and lower reaches.

Sunshine Coast Canals and Waterways
Ongoing Surveys of multiple canals and waterways for dredging operations to maintain boating access to canal residents.

Emigrant Creek Dam
Survey of dam for sediment determination for NSW Government

Elanora Weir
Survey for weir depth determinations

Swanbank Lake
Survey of lake for capacity calculations and mapping

Moreton Bay Islands
Periodical surveys (six monthly) for three years of the marine foreshore (200m) and coral shelf around Green, Mud and St Helena Islands. Surveys were utilised to measure and determine coral growth after the stopping of mining.

Raby Bay Canal Development
Hydrographic survey of canals and revetment walls to determine extent of slippage and undermining of canal beaches.

Karragarra Island Water Main
Hydrographic surveys to determine and control dredging limits, rehabilitation of seabed, and location of constructed pipeline. Surveys also used for calculation of volumes for payment of excavation. Pipeline included three crossings between Russell, Karragarra and Macleay Islands.

Black Duck Swamp
Hydrographic survey utilising an airboat vessel, over a 75Ha swamp, with water levels to a depth of 6m, covered in thick grass mat and vegetation.

Roghan Creek Hydrology
Extensive creek system hydrology survey mapping that included hydrographic surveys of navigable creek system at Port Alma

South Pine River
Hydrographic Survey undertaken for second largest local authority in Queensland involving 20km of large river system surveys for flood modelling.

Brisbane River
Multiple hydrographic surveys undertaken on Brisbane River for design and upgrade of ferry terminals.

Wivenhoe Dam
Hydrographic Survey of spillway plunge pools and downstream water course for SEQ Water Authority.

Boondooma Dam
Hydrographic Survey of spillway pools and downstream water courses for Sunwater.