Riverside Expressway – 3D Laser Scanning

Robotic Terrestrial Scanning for Confined Spaces

NorthGroup Consulting were approached by TMR to consider the viability of scanning the Ramps of the Riverside expressway. The scope involved not only the external surfaces of the Riverside Expressway but also the internals of the Span Girders. Each of the insitu formed spans has 2 internal voids incorporated into their design as seen in a typical section of data.

Access to these voids is generally from air vents on the underside of the expressways. As these voids are classed as confined spaces, extensive time and cost was anticipated to enter these cavities. Ventilation of the cavities along with full suits and masks were proposed to enter the tunnels. As the access to most of the vents are above live traffic all work was to be carried out during night shifts. The windows of opportunity were short so to avoid the time and cost involved in the confined space procedures NorthGroup proposed a remote vehicle solution to capture these cavities.

NorthGroup’s extensive experience in the scanning industry has involved us in many unique environments. We have previously deployed our scanner down a 12m live sewer manhole to capture an accurate three dimensional model required for upgrade of the main Brisbane City Sewer network. Along with over 100 sewer pump station manholes throughout the Logan Council network we felt confident that we could have success with a remote control vehicle solution for these tunnels on the Riverside Expressway.

Our solution proved itself with millimeter results on a long test corridor. We now have a solution to deploy our scanner into areas that were once not easily accessible.