Hydrographic Surveyors map the sea floor and other waterways, which affect:

  • Navigation
  • Marine construction
  • Dredging
  • Offshore oil exploration/drilling and related activities
  • Marine
  • Creek Estuarine

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We specialise in:

Aerial Mapping


Using Aerial Surveying, NorthGroup Consulting have the resources, experience and expertise to provide rapid surveys over large land areas with accuracies as fine as 5cm, meaning fast, accurate data Find out more

3D Laser Scanning


NorthGroup Consulting offers comprehensive 3D laser scanning services for the safe and rapid collection of 3D data. The data collected can then be used to construct accurate digital three-dimensional models. Find out more

Engineering & Construction Survey


Our team of of Engineering Surveyors have detailed knowledge of construction techniques and methodologies in surveying for all construction and infrastructure projects. Find out more

Town Planning


Town Planners develop strategies and design the communities in which we live, work and play. Find out more

Hydrographic Survey


Hydrographic Surveyors map the sea floor and other waterways. Find out more

Cadastral Survey


Land surveying that relates to the laws of land ownership and the definition of property boundaries. Find out more

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