3D Laser Scanning

3D Laser Scanning

NorthGroup Consulting offers comprehensive 3D laser scanning services for the safe and rapid collection of 3D data, with immense detail and accuracy. The data collected can then be used to construct digital three-dimensional models.

Since 2001 NorthGroup Consulting has led the industry in 3D scanning. Being the first in Queensland to acquire the technology, we have always pushed the limits of scanning capabilities. This has been acknowledged by numerous industry awards over the years.

Scanning may be the solution to your projects’ success. Feel free to browse through our presentations, which encompass most disciplines that the world can offer. Please click the items to the right to view the presentations.

3D Mobile Laser Scanning

3D Mobile Laser Scanning is the latest innovation in the field of 3D Laser Scanning. With the scanner mounted to the top and/or rear of the vehicle, this new technology boasts impeccable speed, accuracy and safety benefits with absolutely no reason to leave the vehicle during a scan.

This technology can be applied to:

  • Road & Rail Mapping for maintenance purposes
  • Bridge and Route Clearances
  • Vegetation Studies
  • Earthworks Construction

– Progress Surfaces rapid capture
– As-constructed Data and Modeling

  • Stockpile and Quarry Quantities
  • Rapid Capture of Infrastructure Assets

– Manholes
– Drainage
– Electrical Wires and Poles
– Street Furniture and Line-marking

Advantages of Mobile Laser Scanning:

  • Significantly increased levels of safety for operators when compared to conventional surveying techniques. Operators work safely inside the cab of the scanning vehicle and are not required to work outside on or near roads etc.
  • Zero impact on traffic
  • Speed of data – data is collected from a moving vehicle at traffic speed and once complete the entire corridor of survey is available in one continuous data set
  • Quality and accuracy of the final deliveries is assured and data can be extracted to meet immediate client needs.

Check out our 3D Laser and Mobile Scanning Capability Statement